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"Wear a consciouss lifestyle"

& support Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion represents an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing which maximises benefits to people and communities while minimising impact on the environment.
nurture body & MIND

We believe what we wear expresses who we are, our vision is a holistic one seeking to nurture the body, mind and spirit through sustainable practices and mindful creation.


Our revolutionary approach to clothing blends  plants with natural textiles to create clothing that supports

holistic well-being. 


Relation Based

We have built strong and lasting relations within the communities we work and create in collaboration with tailors and weavers from indigenous communities in Central America and we are currently building relationships with  new tribes.

Every piece is a partnership so that each person has an opportunity to share their skillsets and ideas in creating truly holistic clothing.

​We primarily collaborate with Mayan and Guna communities but we are currently extending our relations to work with other Indigenous Latin American cultures, to incorporate their distinct art work.

We are setting the bar for our relationship based business model to continue to empower the individuals involved to share their creative expressions in a truly holistic way to continue to bring tangible beauty into the world.

research & innovation

Innovation and  continuous creative research is the core of our brand. Looking at the old with a new eye and redefine  new styles,  taste or techniques. We invest our time and effort on it for get to you the best  result in our products.

Sustainable style

Our commitment with Mother Earth is  leave no trace and have the  smallest environmental footprints in the world.

We promote the recycling of each piece of textiles until the smallest product using our special Crystal patchwork design.

We choose other fabrics end of sales leftover  coming from the textile industry and  recycling  it.

We produce our fabrics hand made with hand and foot looms , only human energies is required

We use biodegradable substance for our dye process, and we avoid to pollute  toxic substances for protect  the water and lake

We promote natural and organic farming for our Dye and for the people working with us  teaching them how to eat and live sustainable.

& modularity

Most of our pieces can be tied, adjusted, switched and  turned in a variety of ways so that each piece can transform into a multitude of garments and let the customer be creative and part of the process.


Modularity allows the option to add or take away elements from a piece, putting freedom and flexibility of use back into the hands of the people.


Multi-functionality allows for a piece to be transformed, creating versatility and efficiency perfect for world-travelers.

conscious evolution

We constantly keep evolving and upgrade our products, to arrive at the optimal function shape. In this way we align our brand with the Slow Fashion movement