The Diamond Bolero is channeled as a  small armor to protect you with the Diamond

Indestructibility energies.

Easy to wear on top of plain dresses or tops, it give a  extra touch to the look.

Each piece are unique, made with Indigenous textile especially selected, handwoven huipiles from Mayan, or hand sew Molas.

Each  "One a Kind" piece weave into the textiles different meanings and stories.

The piece cut  is  based in a crystal  structures symmetry pattern,  where the textiles plays like lights and  micro patterns full of colors and shades reflections.

In front some touch of elastic stripes  hold all into your breast for a ninja clean and sharp fitting.



  • The  best to wash clothes on a cool or cold wash setting using a gentle, non-bleach based washing powder. This is also better for the environment. Carefully following these instructions will help your clothes look good for a long time.


    Hand Woven

    With hand woven fabrics, slubs and irregularities occur naturally, and care should be taken to avoid snagging. Detailed care labels are written and attached to each item to ensure your garment enjoys a long life and you enjoy wearing it!


    Hand Dyed

    Most of our woven fabrics are hand dyed. Slight colour variations make every item unique. We recommend that care instructions are followed carefully to minimize colour transfer and fading. Many of these garments would benefit from being hand washed separately and should always be dried away from direct heat and sunlight to prolong their life


    Hand Embroidered

    We use intricate hand embroidery on many of our garments making each item one of a kind. They should be treated with great care to prevent threads pulling. Please wash inside out. Do not iron directly on embroidered areas.


    Hand-Knitted Garments

    For all of our hand knitted garments we recommend hand washing to retain the shape and appearance of your garment.